Before creating a website or e-shop


1. Answer who you are

When seeking to build a website or an e-shop without chasing popular trends or marketing theories, lean on your own uniqueness and distinctiveness. This will help you to set clear goals and not to wander among countless business ideas, advisors and directions.

After clearing out busisness “Self” to yourself ant others, you may create a recognizable business face/identity – a brand.

2. Create a business face or identity

Creating a brand may be a longer process then you expected, therefore think of this time as an investment to your long term goals. Remember that brand creation process embraces image, idea, communication and what your clients, customers, users say about it.

In other words – your business face is created not only by you, designer, and a marketing specialist but also by your audience, in a wide sense.

3. Do not create products – create experiences

As you create experiences you are going to need not only specific actions that invite to click, buy, ask or register. You will also need creativity and some “clairvoyance” in order to understand clients’ wishes, expectations ad secret desires.

Ask yourself – what feelings, sensations and associations causes your product or service that you are offering? The more honest you will be to yourself, the biggest chance you will hear the real needs of your clients.