Do you want to do business on internet, however “the jungles” of the internet and their rules frighten you?

You want to run an online shop, however, you do not want to invest big amounts of money into individual programming and design?

Have you already launched an online shop or a website, and want to manage it yourself, independent of (expensive) specialists?

Or maybe you have already made first steps in e-commerce, but want to exploit the online marketing possibilities to increase sales?

If you answered “yes” to any questions, we are glad you visited FoxiAD. We know that successful business people search for the ways to properly distribute financial resources; especially at the start of the business. Investments must not be directed towards the creation of something, that has already been created, but rather towards the smart development of online business – the elements, crucial to business profitability: the appeal of e-shops, effective communication, increasing the number of customers and retaining their loyalty.

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FoxiAD offers reliable solutions, based on open source content management systems (e-shops: Woo-commerce, Magento, etc.; websites: WordPress, Drupal, Jumla, etc.; design templates: WordPress themes, Woo-themes directories). Open source means that e-shop and website software platforms have been created and are continually improved for free by thousands of professionals all around the world. Besides, they are freely available to users. You just need to know, how to use these free resources in your business most purposefully and effectively.

FoxiAD does not try to invent a bicycle. We are the specialists of the ready-made “bicycles”: we help to choose and adapt the one that is most suitable to you. We will also teach you, how to successfully ride this “bicycle” and powerfully compete in e-business marathon.