internetiniu parduotuviu kurimas

By choosing FoxiAD services, you receive:

  • E-shop with a clear three-step shopping system for the customers
  • Functional and easily self-managed e-shop (we will teach you, how to do that)
  • Installed international security certificates and integration with the most popular payment systems (mokejimai.lt, PayPal, etc.)
  • Data import/export from/to your accounting, business management, registration and other systems
  • A package of effective e-marketing (compatibility with search engines, etc.)


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In detail:

  • E-shop customers are provided with a simple and convenient 3-step shopping system. Buyers are also offered possibilities of repeat purchase, purchasing history review, purchase without registration, etc.
  • E-shop platform is provided with the SecuritySafePlugin security certificate.
  • Easily managed product descriptions and photos; product grouping, filtering and rating by various criteria; suggestions of relevant, recommended and supplementary products to the buyers.
  • Integration with the most popular e-banking systems: mokejimai.lt, PayPal, PaySera, etc.
  • Buyer registration and login enables easy management of shopping cart, order details and contact data. An alternative delivery address is used for diverting the purchased goods to other addressees, e.g. when presenting gifts.
  • E-marketing functionality helps collect contact information of the visitors, when they register, participate in voting or surveys, and use this data in newsletters, promotions, etc. Website has a configured visitor statistics, which allows you to track the traffic, sales by period, goods, product categories, etc. Standard report set shows underused internet marketing possibilities. Social network account(s) integration popularize your website and expand e-marketing potential, by using such functions as “Recommend to a friend”, “Like”, etc.
  • Standardized settings of payment and delivery procedures as well as expenses. A buyer is provided with a shipping price calculator: “Shipping price”, “…to get free shipping”, etc.
  • SEO – integrated plugin, based on SCHEMA keyword dictionary. It helps to make your website visible and popularize it in Google, Bing, Yahoo and other search engines.
  • Your employees will be taught, how to administer the e-shop, configure, modify and add content, promotions, create new products, manage inventory, etc.
  • After the launch of the e-shop, a period of free consultations is established and further measures as well as frequency of servicing is determined.

Let us contribute to your business success by performing tangible works. Let’s meet and become partners!

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