E-marketing, Google AdWords, SEO

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By choosing FoxiAD services, you will receive:

  • Professional evaluation of your current situation (or your operating e-shop/website) and creation of e-marketing strategy: client segmentation, marketing channels, tools, etc.
  • Purposeful selection of social networks for your business, their technical integration as well as creation of communication strategy for these networks
  • Installation of analytics tools in your e-shop/website and teaching, how to use them to meet your own targets


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 In detail:

  • Target segmentation means defining current and potential customer groups of your products as well as creation of e-marketing strategy: what channels, content and frequency will be used in order to reach the customers.
  • Trademark elements are integrated into e-marketing tools; colors, fonts, styles and other elements are applied.
  • SEO – integrated plugin, based on SCHEMA keyword dictionary: to popularize your website in Google, Bing, Yahoo and other search systems.
  • Newsletters – integrated plugin for creating bulk letters. Easily created, duplicated and modified newsletter templates. Possibility to send by choosing different customer segments.
  • Useful registration forms are installed to collect contact information of potential customers, to register visits and to form a customer queue.
  • E-marketing block collects contact information of the visitors, when they register, participate in voting or surveys, and use this data in newsletters, promotions, etc. Website has a configured visitor statistics, which allows traffic monitoring. Standard report set shows underused internet marketing possibilities.
  • Social network account(s) integration popularize your website and expands e-marketing potential, by using such functions as “Recommend to a friend”, “Like”, etc.
  • Report set plugin logs visitor traffic by period, goods, product categories, visited pages, etc.
  • We determine your website’s readiness to use Google Adwords ad, create keyword ad campaign, present website visitor traffic report and improvement recommendations.
  • Employees are taught, how to analyze statistical indicators of website visiting and how to create e-marketing measures.
  • A period of free consultations is established and further measures as well as frequency of servicing is determined.

 Let us contribute to your business success by performing tangible works. Let’s meet and become partners!