Website Development

Website development example by FoxiAD

By choosing FoxiAD website development, you receive:

  • Easily and self-managed functional website (we will teach you, how to do that)
  • Website design, which matches your corporate style and consistently strengthens your trademark
  • Cleverly developed and operating website, coordinated with the most popular search engines



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Website Development in detail:

  • Website can be easily managed and modified, as if you were typing in MS Word.
  • Website design can be selected from several hundreds of alternatives. Quickly integrable trademark colors and elements let consistently develop your trademark and increase it’s knowledgeability.
  • Website platform is provided with the SecuritySafePlugin security certificate.
  • Content management system is constantly improved, and renewed versions are provided for free.
  • Photo and video plugins present your company’s business in a captivating way and form a professional image. They can be easily changed by season, holidays, promotions, therefore you can assign this task to your employee.
  • Website menu is easily managed, additional blocks and content are easily enabled/disabled.
  • Website can be viewed on screens of all sizes, all stationary and mobile devices. Mobile version of a website is no longer a luxury, but rather a necessity!
  • Multi-language possibility in Lithuanian, English, Russian and other languages – to present your company in all the world.
  • E-marketing functionality helps collect contact information of the visitors, when they register, participate in voting or surveys. This information can be used in new product demand research, newsletters, promotions, etc. Website has a configured visitor statistics, which enables visitor traffic monitoring.
  • SEO – the sets of relevant keywords: to make your website thoroughly optimized and easily found on Google, Bing, Yahoo and other search engines.
  • Your employees will be taught, how to administer the website, configure, modify and add content as well as create new webpages.
  • After the launch of the website, a period of free consultations is established and further measures as well as frequency of servicing is determined.