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The most important aspects of communication with FoxiAD are professionalism, listening of the needs and pleasant communication. For people who want to try FoxiAD services we recommend to stop hesitating because FoxiAD teams' work is qualitative and trustworthy.
Working with FoxiAD team was easy and very interesting. It's a great team which knows well all the steps of website creation and development, knows how to put everything in the right order and how to make the whole process smooth and not complicated. The new website was started being developed while having only the basic things in our minds, and FoxiAD team helped us to clarify everything and make it become real. All process was smooth and clear, with all the upcoming processes agreed on in advance. The final version of the website was beyond our expectations in terms of easy control and visuality. We get many compliments and praises for the great website, and a huge part of these praises should be dedicated to FoxiAD team!
El. parduotuviu kurimas, Elvyra Vilkiene,
You are enthusiastic and engaging. I felt support for the overall good result. You are avoiding a formal approach and leave no client in doubts. Constructive communication and promptly respond to questions. Recommended that the right thing – investing in high-quality photos, create a Facebook profile.

Elvyra Vilkienė, CEO of SP Wilkes
Internetiniu svetainiu kurimas,
“It is a strong, simple, sincere and balanced team with a fast reaction. It doesn’t matter whether you have just a dream or a very clear idea. It also doesn’t matter if you don’t understand much about this kind of work. And it even means nothing whether you’re fast or like to think about everything and don’t like the lightning-fast solutions… This team will do their job not due to the fact to suit you, but because they have very responsible attitude to work and will seek professionalism in all conditions. Don’t hesitate!”

Virgilija Alešenkovienė, owner.
Gediminas Jasinskas, Internetiniu svetainiu kurimas,
FoxiAD – a young and professional team, looking at the needs of the client and their job very responsibly. They are not afraid to say correctly “Inconvenient Truth” behalf of clients“.

Gediminas Jasinskas, the owner of website.
I would like to encourage others to work with FoxiAD. Because first of all, before the website is created, the team communicates with the client in order to have a deeper look on a client and their needs, their character and products. It is not just a "dry" work.

Maja Akstinienė, head of a beauty salon “Arsloretta”
Dangaus pupos
As a client I experienced what can be described as - “exceeded expectations”. You have taken away our biggest concern - what to do with new ideas. I recommend you with joy and gratitude to friends and all who have valuable ideas. I'm showing our new website with admiration and pride.

Rolandas Pridotkas, CEO, Dangaus Pupos Ltd.
The team listens to client's opinion and desires but do not indulge. They develop client's competence and at the same time creates a product that surpasses primary vision. Broad range of view and knowledge of the field is obvious. Knows how to count.

Gediminas Olsevičius, JSC Wilara director
“Pabiručių sveikata” - is not my first project done by FoxiAD. As a matter of fact, I had doubts choosing this team for my second project - whether the same people will succeed in creating a totally different website. After I explained my vision and after I saw design examples I understood that I made the right choice. This team's creativity surprised me for the second time. Design examples were much more attractive than I expected, so it was difficult to choose one. The designer even had an idea what could be used as logo in the future. And that logo was already integrated in the design. I plan to continue working with FoxiAD when I need to work on company image.

It is great that FoxiAD not only listens to client's needs - they are also ready to give an advice how to make a website more attractive for a customer and easy to adminisrate. I have to admit - I had to refuse some of my ideas because solutions offered by FoxiAD were much better. One more time I was convinced that a professional advice and experience of a professional very often allows to save time in the website building process. You just need to have the trust.

FoxiAD team works fast, precise and at the same time - at a client's speed. I couldn't always give answers to the questions provided on the same day, but as soon as I did, I could see the work going on very intensly.

”Pabiručių sveikata“ manager Audronė Mulevičienė.
1. The distinct attention and observation towards the client's needs. FoxiAD team not only hears, but also listens what was said :)
2. FoxiAD team members set high goals for themselves, they are interested in the long-term cooperation and good relations with the clients more than short-term results.
3. Fast reaction, useful tips. While communicating with the project manager there was no need to understand the difficult programming or design specialities, everything was clear and understandable.

Dovilė Kubilienė, export manager
Internetiniu svetainiu kurimas,
This is a professional team of employees, specific and clear tasks, homework, prompt response to the problems and issues. I thank the whole team and primarily Rasa, who believed in our idea and helped to implement it. Thanks to us and this team, we contribute to the raising of parents’ awareness and children’s health information dissemination.

Laura Straubergaitė, doctor, therapist.
Internetiniu svetainiu kurimas, Ieva Povilaitiene,
Cooperation has been inclusive and productive, was sought creative solutions. I was always getting detailed answers to questions. Foxiad team really care about the customer and the quality of services.

PhDs. Ieva Povilaitienė.
Internetiniu svetainiu kurimas, Inga,
Young and full of enthusiasm FoxiAD‘s team are working all together to get the result that would meet all client‘s expectations, whatever it is.

Inga Ciesiūnė, massage instructor. atstovas Vytenis
With simple tools you create effective solutions. Designers and marketing specialists are worthy of a compliment. I am glad that during the whole project we did not lose a brand style that was set from the very begining.

Vytenis Bapkevičius, head of Mokas-IT
Audrone, pabiruciu sveikata
First time I met foxiAD was when we decided to renew the website of the lactation and breast Consultants Association of Lithuania. The Executive Board had a vision of the new site, thus foxiAD contributed to making the website becoming real. We trusted them and the results surpassed all the expectations - the website became completely different than it was before.
During the time of collaboration we felt the constant attention towards our needs: we were able to choose the most suitable unique design, we were discussing about the relevance of specific functionalities, planned all the upcoming activities and found out the best solutions to maximize the effectiveness of the website and adjust it to different needs. When some problems occured, foxiAD reacted fast and provided us with help.

I really appreciate the continuous help when the website was already launched. FoxiAD immediately helped us to solve all the issues and provided us with the answers to all the questions that occured. In this way the website got easy to manage. I am happy that functionalities were applied not only for the administration but also for the accounting: some functionalities facilitate the work of the reports for the accountant. In this case the probability of mistakes decreases.

Audronė Mulevičienė, president of the lactation and breast Consultants Association of Lithuania
Mamos zurnalas, atsiliepimas, Internetiniu svetainiu kurimas
The most important communication aspect working with FoxiAD - was a personal contact with Ms. Rasa Siudikiene, human connection convincing us that we need this service, "eye to eye" meeting in our office and dedication of a responsible person who used to pick up the phone even late at night because we know nothing about programming.

Neila Ramoškienė, "Mamos žurnalas" editor.